The sound notation book A PROPOSITION FOR DEPARTURE that I have published simultaneously with my first show at Experimenter, Kolkata is a blueprint of my experiments with the relationship between images and sound. I had begun, as an experiment, to work with an online synthesizer that helped me scan points within the images and turn the whiter points into higher frequencies of sound at the octaves and in scales that I decided on. The images I scanned also at times required specific alterations and manipulations to produce the desired flow of sound frequencies. I wanted to try and extract sounds that would reflect a state of being that I had felt at the time of making the image. In the end eight sound extractions out of eight images that are part of the show, were stitched together to form a three movement sound piece, a sort of a sonata, that fills up the gallery space. While I desired for the freedom to pull away from the visible and tangible starting form of images as we saw and acknowledged them, it remained important to me that the logic in the final composition created remained anchored in the core meaning and reason why those images were created in the first place. The eight images were consciously selected, such that if the composition was to be broken up into the individual extractions and then translated back to the form of the starting images that those extractions were made from, and laid out in a sequence similar to the one that the sounds had put together in, the movement within this newly derived sequence of retransformed images would be an inverse of the movement that exists within the structure of the book 'Life is Elsewhere'. Small excerpts of the 8 sound extractions are embedded below.

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