Archivum shows for the first time in book form over 50 black-and-white prints by leading photographer Kevin Cummins of the band Joy Division.

Cummins, as a young, aspiring photographer from Manchester, had unique access to the band in their very early days, from when they were known as Warsaw to when they later became New Order, after Ian Curtis’ death. Many of these photographs were reproduced by NME and other music magazines in the late 1970s and they helped cement Cummins’ reputation as the greatest music photographer of his generation – subsequently he was made NME’s chief photographer for over ten years.

Archivum includes an exclusive interview with the photographer, Kevin Cummins, which reveals new information about Joy Division, the photographer’s relationship with the band, and Kevin’s techniques for photographing.

The photographic prints (all 10 x 8 inches black-and-whites) are reproduced full size, both front and back, with the photograph’s notes and marks as well as stamps from the music magazines.

This is a unique record of an important archive collection of original photographs of one of the world’s most iconic bands.

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