BIRDS OF A FEATHER is the result of an intense collaboration between photographer Vincen Beeckman, writer and critic Colin Pantall and graphic designer and writer Lien Van Leemput. Together they worked out a project with OpStap, an organisation that helps people with drug addictions and people in recovery.

The project started with several workshops, hosted by Vincen Beeckman & Lien Van Leemput. They interacted with the people at OpStap, and Beeckman also joined them on their weekly activities outdoors. Conversations took place where questions were posed about dreams, memories and everyday concerns. Colin Pantall acted as a moderator, who led several interviews and questioned the goal of the publication, and the way in which people were portrayed, both through text as through image.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER feels as a scrapbook that contains bits and pieces of different lives. It gives an honest insight into a complicated, rough and often hidden world.

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