Book 08

Lina Scheynius

Sold Out

148 x 210 mm
64 pages
1000 copies

"I never really talk about the message of a book or an image," says Swedish photographer Lina Scheynius simply, when asked to explain the ideas and inspirations behind her dreamy new book, 08. "It’s completely up to the viewer to find whatever it is they find. I do this because I love doing it and every book I make means a lot to me." It's this highly subjective approach – alongside the washed-out tones and intimate, snap-shot compositions that have come to define her unique aesthetic – that has garnered Scheynius so much acclaim in the years since she turned her back on a highly successful modelling career to pursue photography full time.

-- Quote from “Your First Look at Lina Scheynius' Beautiful New Photobook” March 3, 2016