Power & Empowerment

In our latest issue of the BJP, we explore the concept of empowerment. To become empowered is often the result of first facing one’s vulnerability. It is these vulnerabilities that many of our featured photographers bravely share in this edition.

Donna Ferrato’s book Holy celebrates the resilience of women, many of them survivors of domestic abuse. Cansu Yıldıran spiritually interprets their ongoing fight for the rights of the trans community in Turkey. And, Sadie Catt uses her lens to process and heal from an unimaginable trauma.

Elsewhere, Rahim Fortune is in conversation with Mahmoud ‘Mo’ Mfinanga about his new monograph. And, Rafal Milach and Karolina Gembara unpack the rise of creative protest movements in Poland. Our main features also include the work of Igor Furtado and Angelica Elliott, plus a roundtable discussion on mental health and the photographic practice with Marie Smith, Becky Warnock and Daniel Regan. The power of collaboration and social media manifests in Now You See Me Moria, a poster campaign launched from the refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece.

We also visit the studio of Suzie Howell in east London and take a look back at the history of women’s rights over their bodies, as has been documented in photography. We are On Location in Athens, exploring the city’s image-making scene.

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