da大 in print

180 x 240 mm
Contents 87p
English translation 32p
Edition of 1000 copies
Chinese / Japanese / English
ISBN 978-1-9995159-0-4

The second publication under da大 in print and the first in the c-SITE series, c-SITE#1 Topic : New「新/新しさ」is based around an interdisciplinary discussion surrounding a singular topic(new), exploring it in physical and metaphysical terms. It has been removed from the typical interviewer/interviewee archetype, and has been formatted to take place in a sequential manner (a → b) , (b → c) … (j → a) where participant (a) will ask a question to participant (b), who after answering will ask a question to the next person down the list (c), so as to achieve a more natural and autonomous form of dialogue. Includes contributions from Daniel Everett, Yui Takada, Go Itami, Takuma Tsuji, James Ginzburg, Jeroen Barendse, Soushi Tanaka, aaajiao, Uso Fujishiro, and Koji Aramaki.


New is the beauty before old appears, and after old disappears.

There are many ways of interpreting what is new and what is old. New itself has many definitions, such as freshness/initial/awake/rebirth/change/redefinition/new value/new direction as well as many others. Sometimes new itself can even be interpreted as negative/regressive/unclear, and sometimes new is a timely response to our changing society. New gives us the ability to challenge preconceived habits and ways of doing things.

How can new be maintained and avoid becoming transitory within our rapidly changing society? What is the relationship between new and time? Is new just an illusion? How can we define the boundaries between new and old? Is it possible for new and old to continuously transition between each other? How should we understand new differently?