Eva Nielsen has developed a hybrid practice exploring the boundaries between painting and photography while embracing the potential for permeability between these two mediums. Her compositions combine the traditional techniques of painting with those of silk screening and are created using overlays. From the outskirts of towns and cities to desolate nature scenes or liminal spaces, they bring together landscapes and architectural elements in a sequence of strata, evoking the sedimentary mechanisms having resulted in the territorial fragments they represent.

These creative processes typical of Eva Nielsen’s universe enrich the works featured in Chroma, which is published in connection with the sixth edition of the LVMH Métiers d’Art residency. Invited to set up her studio for six months on the premises of Les Tanneries Roux in Romans-sur-Isère, the artist was able to give a new substantiality to her creations and make two completely opposite materials — leather and silk — occupy the same surface. Throughout the residency, she was also able to draw on the silk printing expertise of the atelier Twinpix. The result is a new series of works unmistakably shaped by the residency’s geographic surroundings, with the proximity of the Isère river and the omnipresent Vercors range.

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