Sold Out

Softcover + 9 stickers
56 pages
30 × 22 cm
ISBN 978-2-490140-25-1

Depressed by the confinement Eric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier devised an escape plan, photograph themselves on green screen and appeal to internet users: "Download our silhouettes, let us travel in the settings of your choice then send us back these souvenir photos".

During the following two weeks, they received nearly a thousand proposals, poetic, political, funny, serious, beautiful and sometimes less beautiful, from more than 400 contributors.

Astonishing catalog of images each referring to this unique period, Décor-Export brings together people of very different origins and notoriety and brings together people from architecture as well as drawing, photography or painting but also simple amateurs finding in this experience - that is what many have told us - a window through which to travel.

Décor-Export, in addition to the profusion of proposals, the energy it restores, the questions it asks about the concept of author, production or distribution, constitutes an exciting collective testimony to what these weeks were so special.

Limit Time Offer: Architecture through the Photographer's Lens ── Architectural Photography Sale