“Duo” by Hiroyasu Nakai and Daido Moriyama – a final coupling between two good friends.

On occasion of a Nakai-Moriyama show during the exhibition “From Paper to Book 2019” at Hachinohe Book Center in Aomori, Bookshop M publishes this posthumous collaboration between the late Hiroyasu Nakai (1955-2016) and his friend Daido Moriyama.
The book couples photographs by Nakai from his home in Japan’s northern regions with photos taken in Shinjuku by Daido Moriyama. Two monochrome views of the world and its intricate machinations, from two of Japan’s great photographers.
Coming from opposite directions and twisted 180 degrees, the two series meet in the middle of the book (marked by interviews with designer Satoshi Machiguchi as well as essays (in Japanese)).

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