The last outpost of the West, Los Angeles might be described as the culmination of U.S. cultural history. The L.A. of The Ecology of Dreams is not that of ‘Tinseltown’, sun and surf, as it is commonly (mis)understood, but that of a 21st Century megalopolis after forty years of neoliberal capitalism: a city of corporate empires and militarised police forces, gated communities and environmental catastrophe. L.A. is also a city of deep mystery and strange beauty.

Ewan Telford grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. He holds a BA in English and Philosophy and an MA in Film Production. He moved to New York to work in the film industry, as a storyboard artist and art director for feature films and commercials. He also spent some time directing music videos and commercials. In recent years he has used photography to explore the ideas that interest him, often with text, because it offers more possibility. He has made photographs and printed them since childhood. Ewan currently lives in Los Angeles.

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