This is the second collaboration from Johnstone & Malesson, with the first being 'The Girl in the Fifth Floor Walk-Up' by SUN. In their new book, ESCAPE, the artist duo create a world in which a fantasy-driven story of an upstate New York foray, plays out as an act between the two characters, in which the parables of invention and revelation of who is controlling the camera become the central dialogue. The use of expired, vintage Polaroid 600 film presents the images as anachronistic and seem to be from another time. It is a story in which the viewer is left to determine if the protagonist is the victim, the villain or the heroine - and who or what are they seeking to ESCAPE?

The book also features an essay by Matthias Harder, Director of the Helmut Newton Foundation and an afterward by Brad Feuerhelm, Director of American Suburb X.

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