Fabrica chronicles the French artist Sabrine Vitali’s six months of immersion, experimentation and creation at the production facility of the Italian luxury hardware maker Renato Menegatti, as the fourth artist in residence to be selected by LVMH Métiers d’Art. Vitali immediately sensed that this industrial site was like a living organism, its metabolism fine-tuned to digest and transform metal. Her sculptural work during the residency took shape through a poetic displacement of the techniques and various materials in use at the factory, one that turns our usual understanding of metal on its head in order to draw out its organic nature, its suppleness, its depth, and its sensual side. Vitali’s book is a journey deep within the landscape of her visual explorations over this period, bringing into dialogue views of the factory, workshop images, detail shots of her experiments, materials and machines, along with reproductions of the pieces she created.

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