From Now On focus on themes such as transition and memory and investigates issues like isolation, alienation and nature. Alexander Arnild Peitersen’s work is a fragmented reflection on the time that have passed, in a panoply of monochrome and color images, captured on multiple camera formats over a period of six years. The work moves in a space of mysticism and poetry and can be read as stories, rituals and attempts to map out the necessities needed to survive as a human being. We go into the woods and hunt, we are chased and dance wildly on a dance floor, the bed is in flames, the creek freezes and nature rages.

“Photography has always been a variable for me, something that changes all the time. When I take a photograph, it’s something else three days later. It is never what I set out to do. I am very careful with trying to narrow down what I want with my work, but it has always been closely associated with poetry, something that is fluid, quite simply. You can look at it one day and feel one thing and look at it another day and feel something else. It is open to interpretation.” – Alexander Arnild Peitersen

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