For over ten years, Basque photographer Jon Cazenave has undertaken a long-term project questioning his identity, entitled Galerna (storm in Basque). Devoting himself to his close surroundings: the sea, the mountains, the woodlands, and its prehistorical caves, Jon Cazenave renders the experience of his native land with all its geological diversity and spirituality. The photographs, mostly in B&W, with deep contrasts, immerse the viewer in a multisensorial experience filled with symbolism.

Galerna is an initiatory journey where the power of nature acquires a universal dimension, questioning the concepts of transmission and cultural legacy. An essay by author Kirmen Uribe examines the Basque linguistic founding principles as well as their resonances in Cazenave’s work. A text by curator Fannie Escoulen offers an enlightening grasp into the photographer’s quest.

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