The “eye” is the main subject of this photo-book which photographer Suda Issei was working on before sadly passing away in March 2019.

"A while ago, I received a request from Issei Suda, asking me for advice regarding a set of photographs he wanted to put together in a book. He explained to me that, among the snapshots he was taking day by day, there were always images containing eyes somewhere in the streets that caught his attention, and that he ended up shooting without really knowing why. But once he had developed those photos, he would quietly stare at the prints feeling that there was something special about them. So his idea was to collect them in a book that would outline what this series is all about. I didn’t even need to look at the pictures, but hearing about Mr. Suda’s plans alone was enough for me to reply to him that I wanted to do an exhibition of those photos, and publish a book of them." – Afterword (Excerpt) by Akio Nagasawa

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