Elliott Erwitt: Home Around the World is a fully illustrated catalog edited by the Ransom Center's Nancy Inman and Marlene Nathan Meyerson Curator of Photography Jessica S. McDonald. Offering new scholarly research, it serves as a timely and critical reconsideration of Erwitt's unparalleled life as a photographer.

Produced alongside a major retrospective exhibition, the book features examples of Erwitt's early experiments in California, his intimate family portraits in New York, his major magazine assignments and long-term documentary interests, and his ongoing personal investigations of public spaces and their transitory inhabitants.

Essays by photography experts based on extensive new interviews with the photographer consider less-studied aspects of Erwitt's work: his engagement with social and political issues through photojournalism, the humanist qualities of his very early photographs, and his work as a filmmaker.

Home Around the World traces the development and refinement of Erwitt's unique visual approach over time.

With over two hundred photographs, and ephemera including magazine reproductions, advertisements, and contact sheets, this volume is the first to offer a comprehensive historical treatment of Erwitt's body of work and position in the field.

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