How We See: Photobooks by Women is a hands-on touring reading room, publication and series of public events featuring a global range of one hundred 21st-century photobooks by women photographers.

With historical records establishing 19th-century British photographer Anna Atkins’s Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions (1843-1853) as the first photobook, it is not surprising that women have consistently contributed to the rich history of photobook making. 10×10 Photobooks has organized How We See—a touring reading room, “book on books” publication and series of public events—to explore the distinctive content, design and intellectual attributes in photobooks produced by women.

How We See: Photobooks by Women ‘Book on Books’ Publication The comprehensive How We See ‘book-on-books’ publication was published in mid-November 2018 and is now in a second printing. In addition to all one hundred books in the reading room, the publication includes one hundred historical books by women photographers, an annotated history and essays by photographer Ishiuchi Miyako; Magnum Foundation Executive Director, Kristen Lubben and Valentina Abenavoli of Akina Books.

Reading Room Tour
The How We See Reading Room launched on 25 October 2018 at the New York Public Library and will tour through 2020 to multiple venues, including Fototeca Latinoamericana (Buenos Aires, December 2018), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, March 2019) and PGH Photo at the Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, April 2019), among others. Talks and presentations on photobooks by women and their history are planned for all venues. At the end of the tour the books will be donated as a complete collection to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A second collection of the How We See Reading Room books has been acquired by the New York Public Library.

How the Books are Selected The project’s reading room selection has been formed by ten female selectors (either in teams or individually) from around the world. The project’s selectors are specialists in the photobook field, and have made selections that focus on photobooks published in the 21st-century from their respective regions.

Photographers with books in How We See include:
A-chang (now known as A-chan), Abigail Heyman, Agustina Triquell, Alessandra Spranzi, Amak Mahmoodian, Ana Paula Estrada, Anka Gujabidze, Anne Collier, Arlene Gottfried, Avani Tanya, Barbara Kasten, Batia Suter, Carmen Winant, Carrie Mae Weems, Catherine Opie, Celeste Rojas Mugica, Cemre Yeşil, Cindy Sherman, Clare Strand, Claude Cahun, Collier

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