“Three two one fire”
‘Indian Springs’, shot between 2012 and 2013, portrays the photographic fiction during a day in the life of a drone pilot.
“At night I cut across the sandy terrain. With two hands on the steering wheel, the car shoots towards the inter-state to Indian Springs, where I pilot military drones. Grainy pixels spread all over the screen. Day and dreams get blurred, and I ask myself again, as I’ve done for always, whether I’m living in a dream or in reality. (…) Coffee machine, everyday gestures, settling into a leather armchair: vertical joystick, multiple screens console. The game starts, virtual reality—the grid on the screens grows larger and I venture down into the midst of the colored points, headed towards the convulsing horizon in the distance. Soon enough, I’m surrounded only by gridlines, I’m entirely inside it. I feel good. Every day I experience the same surprise at the first contact with the imperceptible of virtual matter. From my fixed position I’m invisible, unassailable, I dominate in close-up a vast territory. (…)”

The work of Sébastien Reuzé focuses on the various practices of photography, and its relationship to contemporary myths. His approach is manyfold and comprehensive and he resorts to other mediums such as scenography, video, sculpture and publishing.