The Swedish photographer Julia Hetta graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in 2004. Her work has since then been shown in exhibitions and publications worldwide. Julia Hetta's photography displays a poetic quietude and often embraces surrealism in both subtle and direct ways. While her color work, perhaps more known to a broader audience, has a painterly quality largely centered around the nordic light; her black and white photographs do not fear the very dark, the very black. This cinematic project shot in the landscape of the Swedish Island Fårö which is executed in close collaboration with and by Julia's best friend of forty years, the omni-creative artist Åsa Stenerhag. Her unique and unparalleled sense of beauty, unlike any other, is woven throughout this latest work, enchanting us unconditionally and leading us into a different dimension. This deeply intense piece, shrouded in jet black, resonates with Japan's Wabi-Sabi aesthetic sensibility, which is both fragile and transient, yet also strong and cyclically refrains like the repeating wave.


Julia Hetta’s photographs provide a glimpse of an alternative world, rich with the romance and quietude associated with classical painting. Working almost exclusively with natural light and long exposure times, Hetta imbues her subjects with a sense of serenity and power. Her use of light, colour and texture transforms her fashion photographs into compositions of timeless enchantment. Hetta is a graduate of the renowned Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. Her editorial clients include Vogue Italia, British Vogue, AnOther and T Magazine and her commercial clients include Gucci, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Jil Sander.

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