A collotype portfolio consists of six of Nomura Sakiko’s signature works.

Sakiko Nomura’s “Träumerei” consists of five black and white works with two images printed on the top and bottom, and one still life photograph of flowers taken in Nomura’s hometown of Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The portfolio title is known as a piano song by German composer Robert Schumann, and is a word that means “dream” or “reverie.” As suggested by these words, the six works featured here are characterized by a mixture of travel memories and intimacy, and are reminiscent of images that resemble daydreams. Although the city is the title of the work, the two different images were not necessarily taken there, but rather the title was given to each set of two photographs that Nomura put together when creating this portfolio.


Sakiko Nomura

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, after graduating from Kyushu Sangyo University Faculty of Art Department of Photography, she has been working for Nobuyoshi Araki since 1991. She has been photographing male nudes since she was a student, and to date, Sakiko has held over 200 solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Major photo books include “Naked Time” (Heibonsha) and “Night Flight” (Little More), a 400-page photo book consisting of a group of photos taken over a period of about 20 years, mainly featuring nudes of about 100 men. “About Love” (ASAMI OKADA PUBLISHING) was released in 2017.

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