New York’s evolution through time, devoid of glitz and glamour, is masterfully captured by the renowned photographer Thomas Hoepker in his revised and extended edition of New York. The artist, a resident of the mega metropolis himself, has been passionately photographing his hometown since the 1960s. His insights into this unique city are far removed from the image entrenched in people’s minds about the big city. Hoepker portrays the people, their way of life, their homes, and their leisure activities, unfiltered and directly.

The book not only portrays the metropolis and its inhabitants but also traces the artistic development of Hoepker himself. The photographs are sourced from the photographer’s extensive New York archive and shine with stylistic diversity. Black-and-white formats alternate with colour photos, and impressive architectural shots are juxtaposed with lively street-style snapshots.

Undoubtedly, one of the standout aspects of this work is the multitude of images dealing with September 11th. Here, Thomas Hoepker was one of the few professional photographers on-site, documenting contemporary history with his captures, which still send shivers down the viewer’s spine today. He not only depicts the event itself but also the city’s later handling of the catastrophe.

For those seeking an unapologetically honest and unpretentious book about New York and its inhabitants, New York is the answer. An impressive testament of its time, one that you’ll eagerly pick up time and time again to relive the atmosphere of this unique metropolis.

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