An expansive and timely survey on contemporary British photographer and artist Nick Waplington, with work spanning his entire 40-year career – his first comprehensive retrospective volume

London- and New York-based artist Nick Waplington uses photography to capture the complex and far-reaching aspects of our lived experience. He rose to prominence in the early 1990s with Living Room and has since become known for his unfiltered depictions of people and places, and the sociopolitical backgrounds that define them.

From the chaos, violence, and euphoria of riots, protests, and free parties to the surreal, hypnotic quiet of his large-format landscapes, Waplington’s work (in all its messy humanness) transcends stereotypes and confounds expectations, and this book is no exception. Including never-before-published images, offering new insight into both well- and lesser-known projects, as well as Waplington’s painting and artistic practice, the book opens with a newly commissioned introduction from Simon Baker, one of the leading curators of contemporary photography in Europe and director of the Maison Européenne de la photographie (MEP), Paris.

This is the most extensive survey of Waplington's work to date, and includes previously unpublished photographs, as well as paintings, sketchbooks, and other artworks that complement his practice.


About the author

Nick Waplington is a British artist living between London and New York. He has published extensively throughout his career, including Safety in Numbers (1995), Truth or Consequences (Phaidon, 2001), Working Process (2013), a collaboration with Alexander McQueen, Hackney Riviera (2019), and Anaglypta (2020). Waplington has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, and in 2015, was the first living British artist to have a solo photographic exhibition in the main galleries of Tate Britain, London.

Simon Baker is a curator, writer, and educator, and is currently director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris. Formerly, he was senior curator of international art at the Tate Modern, London

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