Night Walk

Ken Schles


Sold Out

Second Edition
160 pages
176 x 226 x 22mm
ISBN 9783869306926

Twenty-five years after his seminal 1988 book, Invisible City, Ken Schles revisits his archive and fashions a narrative of lost youth: a delirious, peripatetic walk in the evening air of an irretrievable Downtown New York as he saw and experienced it. Night Walk is a substantive and intimate chronicle of New Yorks last pre-Internet bohemian outpost, a stream-of consciousness portrayal that peels back layers of petulance and squalor to expose the frisson and striving of a life lived amongst the rubble. Here Schles embodies the flaneur as Susan Sontag defines it, as a connoisseur of empathy cruising the urban inferno, the voyeuristic stroller who discovers the city as a landscape of voluptuous extremes. We see in Night Walk a new and revelatory Ulysses for the twenty-first century: a searching tale of wonder and desire, life and love in the dying hulk of a ruined American city.

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