Noon 7 SS17: The Time Issue

Sold Out

170 pages
24 × 34 cm
2017 SS

Noon is a magazine that explores the space between art, commerce and digital culture, investigating what it means to live in an Altermodern world. Thematically focused, each issue features a collection of fashion, photography, visual art, short stories, profiles and critical text.

It has been described as “the magazine that knits together art and fashion with the same subversive strength of vision that Juergen Teller brought to the genre - an organic, hazy and candid aesthetic that Noon are out on their own in achieving” (MagCulture) and a publication that "quickly established itself as a beautifully produced magazine that subverts tradition and places innovative collaboration at its forefront” (Dazed Digital).

Noon rejects standard editorial models and instead aims to cultivate a true creative exchange between editor and contributor. Celebrating the luxury of print, paper and ink, the magazine combines a large format with an experimental approach to aesthetics and material, challenging the politics of mass production.

This issue features new fashion stories from regular contributors Mel Bles, Chris Rhodes and Lena C. Emery, a cover story by Zoë Ghertner, Jack Davison & Agata Belcen’s exploration of time, a limited edition poster by Jeremy Deller and much more.

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