In Palette Perfect, Volume 2, designer and best-selling author Lauren Wager explores the multiple possibilities of seasonal color applications, leading the reader through an inspirational presentation of image pairings and color combinations. The color palettes are portrayed in a fresh and dynamic way that allows the reader to see how certain colors play off each other in foreground and background, close together and further apart. This format is a different take on color palettes than Volume 1, and still provides the RGB and CMYK values for artists that would like to translate the colors for web and print.

This volume—both a practical guide and inspirational book for designers, illustrators, architects, and crafters, as well home decoration and fashion lovers, professional or otherwise— provides examples of color application within the worlds of contemporary art, fashion, interiors, photography and graphic design. It is a carefully gathered collection of color palettes and stunning images with a touch of the unexpected, utterly successful in its aim.

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