As a material for their photo collages and installations the French artists Elise Mazac and Robert Drowilal, known as the art duo Mazaccio & Drowilal, use popular images of contemporary culture that are intentionally torn from their usual context. With the help of diverse techniques, deliberately bright colors, and irony, the artists transform these images and question the conventional principles of artistic photography. The book “Paparazzi” is putting together celebrities photographs stolen by paparazzi rearranging in the book form through different collage, working on typography, colours and shapes accompanied by explicit titles “The Beach“, “Bike Riding“, “Surfing“. By juxtaposing heterogeneous and often contradictory shots and blurring the boundaries between natural and artificial, Mazaccio & Drowilal provoke the viewer, who is doomed to balance on the verge of disgust and pleasure when confronted by the authors’ extraordinary artistic experiment.