Nathalie Du Pasquier moves to Milan in 1979 and becomes one of the founding members of the Memphis Group that starts to form around Ettore Sottsass. During those years, she creates many textiles, rugs, patterns, objects and furniture, and when the group is dissolved in 1987, she gives back to painting a central place in her work. Whatever the medium—design, painting, textile or sculpture—, her work is born from an accumulation that constructs architectures of shapes and colors. Beautifully quiet still lifes, electric patterns, domestic landscapes and construction games are mixed in a joyous freedom, as a myriad of visual spaces to explore. Sempre Milanese is a walk along that singular course through a selection of works going from the early 80’s to nowadays. This publication is a new edition with an extra 16 pages of our previous book Milanese published in 2019.