Sixteen Journal Vol.II

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28 pages, printed color on uncoated paper
289 x 380mm
Edition of 300 only

For this second volume, Sixteen invited seven of the most talented visual artists to interpret what we do not want to see or feel. On the cover, Norwegian photographer Sølve Sundsbø traveled to the monumental cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa to capture love, grief, and sadness with deep subtlety. Chadwick Tyler continues his artistic collaboration with Ali Michael, this time reaching the demons and their power of addiction hidden inside us. Jack Davison paints our worst nightmares whilst showing us we can still find beauty within them. Laurence Ellis immersed himself in Indian culture to bring back contemplation, serenity, and peace as an answer to our emotional pain. Misha Taylor helps us to accept our imperfections and Chad Pitman captured those little discomforts we experience every day. Finally, Sean&Seng remind us that pain is bound with time, as they investigate a period in our lives when we’ve looked at ourselves in the mirror and wanted to grow up faster.