The Farm Family Project, featuring 42 plates of animal photography from the last 15 years

“I like the word believe. In general, when one says ‘I know’, one doesn’t know, one believes.” - Marcel Duchamp

I am a photographic artist who creates fictionalized portraits of farm animals, a deliberately playful method, functioning as a disruption of our belief that photographs portray factual realism.

Photography seamlessly blends fact and fiction, creating a perfected vision so overwhelming, we find ourselves helpless to resist it. I invite the viewer to question the veracity of the images we consume every day, opening up the possibility for every photo to suggest a deeper, hidden authenticity.

I cast a magic, technological spell, enabling these farm animals to recraft their roles of the overlooked and neglected, establishing a space of their own. My photographs feature a concealed part of our society, bringing their otherness back into our world.