A New Western View of Ancient Eastern Culture.

A Zen garden is the symbiotic fusion of Japanese philosophy and the art of landscape design, a spiritual place of meditation and inner reflection that teaches mindfulness and brings joy to the eyes and the soul. If you want to truly experience this garden culture, nowhere in the world will you find so many wonderful gems in one place as in the city of Kyoto.

This is where Thomas Kierok photographed these unique gardens in all four seasons. Through encounters with leading Japanese garden designers, he was able to develop his own photographic perspective inspired by the spirit of Zen. Poems by renowned Zen poets complement the visual masterpieces.

The book is a sanctuary for the soul, a retreat between two covers whenever there is need for calm, inspiration and grounding. With a preface by Masuno Shunmyo, best-selling author, garden architect, and professor of garden art at Tama Art University in Tokyo.

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