One of the best things about living close to nature is that your senses get sharpened, you are constantly left in a state of contemplation and become more attentive to the small changes around you. Summer is the perfect season for reconnecting with nature, for getting out and finding a paradise. And for celebrating the sun, the sea, friendship and the joys of life. Just like one of the inspiring protagonists of our ninth issue: Roberto Burle Marx.

The brazilian artist's sinuous, colourful garden designs immediately unfold an air of tropicalism. His achievements in modern landscape and architecture however, cannot eclipse his charming personality and extraordinary ability to enjoy and celebrate life. His garden parties are still remembered as festivities of a never-ending summer. It is the time of year where anything could happen, where we let ourselves guide by our imagination, our instincts and senses.

This issue is intended to be a celebration, and hence it is full of flowers. A celebration of life, but also death. Because once the summer is over, feelings of nostalgia and delusion are pointless. Visiting artist Tomi Ungerer at the back of beyond, in the farm on Ireland's south west coast where he and his family have found a paradise, was a revelation. Read his books, the children's ones and the other ones, too. When the summer is over, despite the fog and the wind, never be afraid: “Don't hop, cope”, as Tomi scribbled inside our signed copy of The Fog Man.

Tags: the plant