While watching movies,
I often wonder if the animals shown on screen are still alive.
They are probably all dead.
The donkey, sanctified by a white shroud after baptism,
The dog lying beside its master in the puddle,
circling back to that 120 minutes,
Yet they seem to be eternally dormant.
Sad children and sad insects,
Sad veins and sad cats,
some have died,
Some (probably) are still alive. Among these,
nothing is stagnant, And nothing is pulsating.

Text: Ruei Jia Zhang 張瑞家 / phantasmagoria 耳道運行式


Min Hsu Chu was born in 1987 in Hualien,
and is currently a director.
His directorial works are primarily music videos,
including VOOID, DSPS, IRUKA Police, Cold Dew,
Evisbeats, Dinosaur Skin… etc.
This Book collects the photos from 2007 to 2016,
from first encountering photography to the death of his father,
reflecting his own perceptions of life and existence.
“Things” are everything , and “States” are the present.

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