The World’s First Photobook was Blue

Angel AlbarránAnna Cabrera

the(M) éditionsIBASHO

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225 × 320 mm
82 pages
ISBN 9791095424260

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Ce livre d'Albarrán Cabrera The World’s First Photobook Was Blue n'est pas un seulement un ouvrage destiné à montrer le travail des artistes, mais aussi un ouvrage destiné à expliquer leur démarche artistique. Un livre sans véritable début ni fin…

Le titre est un clin d'œil à Anna Atkins, la reliure en spirale un clin d'œil à Brassaï et le livre lui-même un hommage à ce médium faussement simple mais véritablement complexe qu'est la photographie.

“Photography is not the thing. It is the thing that gets us to the thing.
Atkins used photography to illustrate nature and its structure. In a similar way, we use photography to illustrate reality and its structure. The possibility of having a tool to investigate reality is what first drew us to photography. We discovered that by using this medium we can nurture our interest and have a better understanding not only of perceived reality, but of the ‘structure of reality’, ‘the why of things’. Photography is, for us, the perfect philosophical tool to learn more about the universe as a logical and architectural conception: the recognition of an order among individual pieces in which each piece is also illuminated by the arrangement of the whole.” Albarrán Cabrera

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