TOKYO POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Shadai Gallery Daido Moriyama Archive 1960 − 1982

Daido Moriyama


This is the 5th vol. from Getsuyosha series of Daido Moriyama’s photobooks.
For many years the researchers from all over the world have been longing for the publication of a collection of photos including all the images from Daido Moriyama’s archive filed in the digital database at Shadai Gallery. This collection, which contains the works of Daido Moriyama considered now one of the most prominent japanese photographers, includes photographs from the first decade of his career, allowing us to follow at first hand the trials and tribulations of the artist's formative years as a photographer. The publication of this photobook will be of great help to the many researchers who are studying Daido Moriyama’s photography as well as the ones who are focusing on the Culture and Representation Studies of Japan in the 1960’s and 1970’s.