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Tsugaru (Reprint)

Ichiro Kojima


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Book Size
279 x 210 mm
90 pages
Soft cover, slipcase
Japanese, English
Publication Date
Limited Edition
ISBN 978-4-904257-26-5

Reprint of the original 1963 publication to coincide with the staging of the exhibition Ichiro Kojima: To the North, From the North held at the Izu Photo Museum (August - December 2014). Tsugaru: Poetry, Writings, Photography is a unique record of the landscapes, climate and customs of the Tsugaru region, three Aomori-born artists employing pen and camera to capture their childhood home. Comprising texts by Yojiro Ishizaka, poems in Tsugaru dialect by Kyozo Takaki, and photographs by Ichiro Kojima, it also includes an outer box featuring a horse and cart illustration by Junichiro Sekino, a printmaker also Aomori-born. The reprint is supplemented by an explanatory leaflet in English, not included in the first edition, in the hope that the inexhaustible delights of the book, and Kojima's work in general, will find an even greater audience.