“I don’t see myself quite as a photographer, nor as a painter, nor as an artist, nor as anything else. I’m in between something that entertains me”.
— Vari Caramés

Catalog of the exhibition Something, Nothing, Always. Vari Caramés 1980-2021 at Sala Canal de Isabel II, curated by Blanca Berlín and Nerea Ubieto.


– Vari Caramés
Ferrol (A Coruña, Spain), 1953

When he was nine, he moved to A Coruña. When he was fifteen, his father, an amateur artist, gave him a totally manual Voiglander camera to photograph his paintings, drawings and iron pieces. Later he uses photography as a crib in his studies of Technical Architecture (which he never finished). He never pretended to make a living from photography but now he cannot live without it, he is interested in turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

He seeks to evoke, suggest and make the spectator dream. A lover of the timeless and the undefined, he learns to achieve effects from defects. He is not interested in fashions and trends. He uses B&W and color indistinctly. He believes that today’s world lacks poetry and that technology should not surpass emotions. He is more intuitive than “intellectual”, and believes that chance is more exciting than certainty.

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