Victor Burgin's Photopath

Victor BurginDavid Campany


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Paperback with flap
112 pages
127 × 195 × 19 mm
ISBN 9781913620660
Oct 2022

‘A path along the floor, of proportions 1x21 units, photographed. Photographs printed actual size of objects and prints attached to the floor so that images are perfectly congruent with their objects.’ With these words of instruction, typed on a humble card in 1967, Victor Burgin conceived one of the most profound and remarkable works of photographic art. Each time it was exhibited, it had to be made anew, unique to its setting. Embracing Minimal and Conceptual art, performance and site-specific installation, there is no other artwork like Photopath. In his characteristically analytical and associative manner, writer and curator David Campany takes the reader through the history and implications of Photopath, and their place in the breadth of Victor Burgin’s art and theoretical writings.

Tags: discourse

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