Little Big Man books is proud to present a new limited edition "Whistle" by Hoshi Haurto Haruto born 1970 in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Hoshi Haruto since his early teenage years has always had a fascination with the underbelly of city life. Hoshi discovered photography and educated himself at the Contemporary Photo Research institute. Haruto is the natural successor to the likes of Katsume Watanabe and Seiji Kurata. Raw unforgiving and brutally honest His streets are as hard and uncompromising as his camera flash. Hostesses,Tranvestites, the far right, youth culture, freaks and cripples. A city that the tourist never sees. These are his streets. Each image leaving the narrative to the unsettled viewer. The title itself "whistle" leads us to many conclusions in its meaning. The uneasy whistling tune one blows to ward off the nerves as you walk into the night. A coded whistle as a signal to another. Or even the characteristic of a whistle itself something of pure, or nearly pure, tone.