Year One

Thobias Fäldt


Sold Out

18.5 x 25 cm
120 pages
ISBN 978-3-86521-537-6

Swedish photographer Tobias Fäldth, born in 1978, is a collector of images. He compiles photographs, like notes in a diary, into stories and narratives. It is never clear whether they are his images and experiences or simple collections of found imagery. Together they culminate in one fictional year of a life, Year One. What these disparate images have in common is a reliance on unnatural lighting--often a flash is used, and even when taken during daylight, the images tend to be washed out, a bit dreamlike. Fäldth is as interested in raising questions of authorship as he is in constructing a narrative, yet the photographs have a visual congruency that is rare among artists who trade in found imagery. Highly prolific as an image-maker.

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