This latest work by Motohiko Hasui, published as a tactile zine, refers to memories as dreams. During a visit to Kanazawa on the west coast of Japan, Hasui realised that his memories of this place, of the time he will spend there, and even the shared moments with his wife, will soon fade and become fragmented. In the future these moments of reality, that are crisp and fully formed at the time, will become patchy recollections, where holes in those memories will be filled with imaginations and presumptions. The memories will become more like dreams, where narrative is skewed and details are lost.

Using a compact digital camera, Hasui overexposed photographs of trees and his wife, Akane, with his flash. This technique of overexposing digital files means that detailed information is lost forever, and at times additional information is revealed through technical malfunction, such as pixel colouration and focus loss known as chromatic aberration. The result is mysterious and dazzling. The images act as analogy for the dismantling of existing moments to dreamlike memories.

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