After All

Huang Jun Tuan

moom editions

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192 × 256 mm
63 images / 120 pages
Limited edition of 500
May 2021
ISBN 978-986-06217-0-9

“In the middle of the night before the printing of this book, I started to go over everything that happened around me while I had my camera in hand. I had strong impressions of every event, but the outlines were all blurry, like they were stories told by someone else. As if in a dream, you know for a fact you were there to witness everything, but as soon as you wake up, it feels like nothing ever really took place.”

—— From the artist's statement

After All is Taiwanese photographer Huang Jun Tuan's third photobook, it is a compilation of his monochrome work over the years. These images seem tucked away in the crevice of a zeitgeist, carrying hues that only exist down one's own memory lane. Those fractions of life, once gazed upon in all sincerity, now solely exist within the premise of images.

This is the debut publication from moom editions. Limited 500 copies.

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