This book, which ties in with a major exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, considers Cindy Sherman’s works in a beautiful and accessible perforated postcard format. Featuring 48 key examples of her work – from film stills to fashion – this book is produced in close collaboration with the artist.

Cindy Sherman is among the most influential artists of her generation. Using herself as model, wearing a range of costumes and portraying herself in invented situations, she interrogates the imagery employed by the mass media, popular culture and fine art. Whether using make-up, costumes, props and prosthetics to manipulate her own appearance, or devising elaborate tableaux, her work constitutes a highly distinctive response to contemporary and earlier culture, whose stylistic tropes she appropriates and quotes.

This book is a selection of Cindy Sherman’s best loved works available as perforated postcards. Grouped by series, multiple postcards per page include both black and white photographs and full colour images. Produced in close collaboration with the artist, this fun package encourages appreciators to send ‘a piece of Cindy’ by mail.

This postcard book is produced by the National Portrait Gallery, in close collaboration with the artist.