Composed of over 120 photographs from the past ten years of his life, Masayuki Furukawa’s “Diary” captures life in quiet moments. In 2012, the year he launched his professional career in London, Furukawa began to photograph his everyday surroundings as if taking notes in a diary, and as the series grew so did the scope and diversity of his subjects.
Arranged according to their dominant colors and subjects rather than their chronological order, the photographs in “Diary” possess a mysterious charm and draw the viewer into Furukawa’s visual world of soft strength and wistful transparency with compelling portraits, wide-angle views of lakes and fields, observed moments and cityscapes. Shot all over the world, the book transcends time and place to bring Furukawa’s visual experience of the world into full view.

“What was at the root of the project at the beginning was
not a desire to find something new and special.
I simply wanted to photograph what I felt was beautiful at the time.
As I continued to do so for a long time, this feeling gradually changed, and I began to shoot for things that were changing just as much as I was.
It somehow became an integral part of my life.”
― from Masayuki Furukawa's statement