There are connections between all forms of life, points of intersection that allow us to perceive the synchrony and diachrony between the animal, human and plant worlds. There are time lines which, while following cycles of different lengths, come together in the “here and now”, in the dimension of the present. "Umana Natura" explores the archaic territory of Umbria in search of the intimate connections among life forms in a unique natural and environmental microcosm, where the sense of time and history seem to have its deepest roots.


Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni collaborate since 2013 for documentary and personal photography projects. They focus on contemporary subjects, with a particular attention on the human aspects of each story. Their works are regularly featured in the press and media worldwide: The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Politico, Le Monde, L’espresso, Internazionale, Wired, GQ, Newsweek, The Sunday Times and many others.

They are recipients of several awards such as the 2021 Planches Contact, the ISPA Award for best photo story, The Sistema Festival "Reset" Award, the 2020 PHmuseum Of Humanity Grant in the solo show category, the 2019 Sony World Photography Award in the category “Discovery”, the 2018 Istanbul Photo Book Award, the 2016 Gomma Grant for best B&W documentary work. They are exhibited throughout Europe and Asia in galleries and festivals, such as the Biennale Für Aktuelle Fotografie, Delhi Photo Festival, Lumix Festival, Fotoleggendo, Phest, Voies Off.

So far they published six books including the trilogy on cities in transition comprising “Güle Güle” about Istanbul, “Forcella” focused on Naples and “RHOME”, which was shortlisted at PHotoESPANA Best Photobook of the Year 2019. "Güle Güle" received a special mention at Kassel Dummy Book Award 2019 and was finalist at Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award in Arles and was shortlisted at Arles Author Book Award 2020 and Prix Nadar 2020.