Girl (with Public Talk Ticket on 9/16)

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220 × 290 × 15 mm
80 pages
ISBN 9784904635643

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With the republication of “Girl”, moom bookshop invites the artist Yoshiyuki Okuyama for the one and only book launch, artist talk and exhibition in Taiwan. Okuyama will share his experience and process in the creation of the book. Several prints that were presented at the gallery in Shibuya during 2012 will be here in moom along with his new books.

Colours, sounds, scents and temperature. Comfort and irritation. Thirstiness, sorrow. Light and shadow. My heart float. My mind sway. Everlasting, gentle melancholy.

This is a note of recallable, invisible memory. It was like this, probably.

── Yoshiyuki Okuyama

Brittle, ephemeral dreams repeat in a drowse. Someone I met once upon a time blend in with light. Yoshiyuki Okuyama, a photographer who give expression to his images from inner heart and records of emotion.

His masterpiece Girl which won a prize in Canon “New Cosmos of Photography” award, is republicated from BOOTLEG after 7 years from its first edition back in November, 2012.