Yoshiyuki Okuyama


Sold Out

220 × 290 × 15 mm
80 pages
ISBN 9784904635643

Colours, sounds, scents and temperature. Comfort and irritation. Thirstiness, sorrow. Light and shadow. My heart float. My mind sway. Everlasting, gentle melancholy.

This is a note of recallable, invisible memory. It was like this, probably.

── Yoshiyuki Okuyama

Brittle, ephemeral dreams repeat in a drowse. Someone I met once upon a time blend in with light. Yoshiyuki Okuyama, a photographer who give expression to his images from inner heart and records of emotion.

His masterpiece Girl which won a prize in Canon “New Cosmos of Photography” award, is republicated from BOOTLEG after 7 years from its first edition back in November, 2012.

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