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Hirose Suzu is one of the most iconic Japanese actresses of our time. This is the 10-year anniversary photobook commemorating her first decade on screen.

Hirose and her most trusted staff worked together to produce this book in the span of 3 years. Multiple photoshoots were arranged, manuscripts were kept (Hirose’s handwritten articles and original photos are made into a book-within-a-book, it is a must-see!), and they all came together in this well-designed, carefully-bounded edition.

Hirose was inspired to make a book in the likeness of a picture book, in hopes that one would pick it up time and time again to bask in its beautiful atmospheres. This book is beyond a typical shashin-shu. Absent are extravagant sight-seeing trips around the world, nor are there any racy shots. Here it is, Hirose Suzu in her most authentic form. She beams from the heart truly being herself, and she wishes for you to experience the sense of amazement just like Alice in wonderland.

Yoshiyuki Okuyama, internationally acclaimed photographer and cinematographer is her partner in making this book.

(Translation by moom bookshop)

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