‘Half Light’ is made out of open-hearted meetings between Loïc and the people he relates to in his “real” life. There’s no artist pretension. Nor any voyeuristic need of representing people from out of their universe. His photograph is genuine, direct, simple. No gimmicks.

The way Seguin unveils people from Belleville and Place des Fêtes is unique. It could only have been done by an insider. This is its strength: simplicity and straightforwardness. The unpretentious portraits trigger our curiosity – Who are those people? Where do they come from? How did they let the photographer come that close? That intimate?

The obsession. The rigorous and constant practice. The stable high quality of his images, despite the elevated quantity. Those are the credentials that Seguin presents on his first book, to be published by Void.

“These photographs were taken in Paris during a period of mourning. I felt I had to look at people facing me. Without any social mask.” — LOÏC SEGUIN

Loïc Seguin
Loïc Seguin is a Capitaine de Police in Paris. Profession he has for most of his life. His routine is far from the art scene. Loïc is on the streets. With people. He is not thinking too much about Wittgenstein or how is the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction.

Out of passion, Seguin learned photography by himself. Un-institutional and self-tough, he joins the photo universe through a naïve and intuitive way. All the background on his life is clearly (and honestly) represented on his first monograph: ‘Half-Light’.