Michael Tummings


Photo artist Michael Tummings presents a disquieting series that seeks to capture the engagement of man in nature through the practice of hunting. The repetition of such an act – the act of killing an animal in the wild – links us to our most essential origins as a species. Unflinching, these photographs show the dimension that is human in the ritualized killing of animals. The focus is on authentic, observed moments that have been shaped by tradition and which are still practiced in a modern world.

"These photographs reflect a European tradition, that of paintings of the hunt, often capturing an elite social group. As a photographer, I come to this group as an outsider, but my practice mirrors that of my subject. By working on 5 x 4 analogue photography in the field, my ability to capture the moment and commit to the image must be as deliberate and intuitive as the hunter's encounter with the animal. In this sense, the relationship between the direct moment and repetition over history are shared by photographer and subject." - Michael Tummings

Michael Tummings (b. 1966 in London) is a photographer based in Munich, Germany.

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