Photographs that capture the hardships, triumphs and loneliness of life as an orphan in China. An intimate and emotional look at some of China's least privilegedJiang Jian was born in Henan Province in 1953. Years later he returned to his native land as a photographer to document the lives of Chinese farmers. Ever since, Jiang has explored the lower sections of Chinese society with a combination of concept art and social photojournalism.One of his projects, Archives on Orphans, documents the lives of more than 1000 orphans from Henan Province. He recorded the development of the children during regular visits that took place over ten years. Twelve children in particular were the center of his attention. The book portrays their development and their different backgrounds, life plans, hopes and trials with photos and personal notes by the photographer.

This elaborately designed clamshell boxset contains a poster, a booklet and twelve separate fold-outs. Each book has been signed by Jiang Jian.